List of equipment for Kailash Kora

Suggested Equipment list (some are optional)


For trekking:
— Medium weight walking/trekking boots;
— A waterproof and windproof jacket (not a poncho);
— Fleece or polartec top to wear under windproof jacket;
— Warm shirts/tops;
— A lightweight long sleeved shirt is particularly suitable for avoiding sun burn when hot in trekking;
— A waterproof and windproof trousers;
— A pair of lightweight trousers to wear under windproof trousers. Jeans are unsuitable to wear on treks;
— A pair of heavyweight trousers are useful higher up in the mountains;
— A sunhat, ensure it has a wide brim to cover the face and neck;
— A pair of light windproof gloves;
— 2 pairs of thin socks, fit for trekking boots;

For mornings and evenings:
— A pair of trainers to wear in the cities and in camp;
— A pair of sandals for shower;
— Warm feather jacket, also can be used in trekking if extremely cold;
— Thermal underwear top and leggings. These are excellent to sleep in at night in the winter months and for cold days;
— A woollen hat or cap, also to sleep in it if cold;
— A pair of woolen gloves;
— A pair of thick woollen socks;
— A pair of loose fitting long shorts/ skirts;
— Underwear in normal quantity and hankies (shower will not be available everywhere).

Equipment and Accessories

- Walking poles;
— Comfortable backpack to carry things while trekking – like snacks, water, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion etc;
— sleeping bag for not less than – 10 C;
— Duffle bag to be carried by yaks and porters in Kora – please do not take suitcase. Suitcase you can leave in Nepal in Osho commune;
— Thermos;
— Sunglasses, Sun lotion cream not less than 30 SPF;
— First aid kit/personal medicine, particularly Diamox, Imodium, Dioralite;
— Toiletries, lightweight travel towel. Paper napkins or toilet paper;
— Headlight and/or torch with spare batteries;
— An umbrella (optional), which is quite useful to use as a sunshade and useful when it rains. Also raincoat is useful

Most оf equipment you can buy in Nepal, for this we leave 1 full day in the program. Equipment here is much cheaper but all brands are made in Nepal or China, so the quality is also not so good.
Sleeping bags, warm jackets and trekking boots you can take for rent for 1 dollar per day.

See you in Tibet!




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