Kailash Kora with Swami Anand Arhat, july 2016

Kailash072016_800x600_ENGL_v3Osho Tapoban  Sacred places of Kathmandu Valley — Milarepa’s Cave —  Hot springs — Guru Runpoche’s Cave — Holy Lake Manasarovar  Kailash Kora
+ NEW! Inner Kailash Kora

This summer a very special journey is waiting for us — journey for transformation, for spiritual growth, for inner silence: mysterious Tibet, outer Kailash Kora, full day in Manasarowar lake and something very unusual — inner Kailash Kora!

Arhat KailashOur group will be guided by Swami Anand Arhat. The most important thing in making kora is to entune ourselves for the perception of subtle spiritual energy of the Holy Place. Due to deep meditation practice under guidance of experienced Master we will be able to entune with the energy of the Mountain and to transform with it’s power. During our journey Swamiji Arhat will conduct daily group practices — Osho meditations, rare techniques of Shiva from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, buddhist rituals, yoga and pranayama classes. He give talks on various subjects where he will explain all details of subtle spiritual work. He will also reply to all our questions. This is our fifth journey to Tibet with Arhat Swamiji and we are happy to have this opportunity to travel with him again!

Holy Mount Kailash and Kailash Kora

kailash yellowHoly Mount Kailash (6714 m) is a Holiest mountain in Tibet and most famous pilgrimage site in the world. Followers of four major religions — hindus, buddists, jains and bonpo consider this mountain to be «the heart of the world» and «seventh chakra of the Earth» . Hindus believe that the top of Mount Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva — most powerful God in Hindu Pantheon, Master which is able to burn all bad karma and destroy all illusions. According to Vishnu-purana mount Kailash is the projection of mount Meru, the center of the Universe according to hindu and buddhist mythology. Buddists consider the mountain to be the abode of Buddha in the incarnation of Samwara. Even modern scientists believe that mount Kailash radiates some mystical energy which has the power to push all transformation processes in human mind, cleanses karma and stimulates spiritual growth. To absorb this spiritual energy pilgrims make Kora — clockwise walk around the mountain. Kailash Kora is 53 km long and it takes 3 days to perform it. They say that even single Kora can purify all sins of this life and 108 Koras provide liberation in this very life.

Inner Kailash Kora 

Inner Kora routeInner Kora is a radial trekking to Mount Nandi (6000 m), which is adjacent to South Face of Kailash. In hindu tradition Lord Shiva is very often depicted with his devoteе and transport vehicle, bull Nandi who is sitting in front of the God or at his right hand. According to the legend Lord Shiva is living on the top of mount Kailash with his spouse, Parvati, and his bull Nandi is guarding him sitting at his right handside (Nandi Mountain at the South Face of Kailash).

13 stupasMount Kailash is separated from Nandi by small mountain range of 150 m wide. The length of the kora is 25-27 km and takes approximately 10-14 hrs. Kora starts from Seralung monastery in 30 min drive from Darchen, the last point of outer Kailash Kora. On the way to Nandi we pass Gyandrak Monastery and Serdung Chuksum La pass (5858 m). The main pilgrimage place is 13 chortens (stupas), which are located inside Kailash mountain in a sort of cave on the height of 5700 m. Nandi kora is a  very difficult technically and dangerous path, very often it is closed by the government due to weather and the route condition so we should rely on our group karma and our personal intentions to perform it.

Day/Date ROUTE
Day 0
8 July
Departure from the country of origin
Day 1
Arrival to Kathmandu
Transfer to Osho International Commune founded in 1990 by Master’s closest disciple Boddhisattwa Swami Anand Arun. Commune is located 8 km away from Kathmandu city in beautiful, peaceful environment — Nagarjun hills, place where many centuries ago buddhist mystic Nagarjun reached enlightenment.
Day 2
10 July
Kathmandu sightseeing
Main pilgrimage sites of Kathmandu:
Buddhist stupa Swayambunath, hindu temple Pashupatinath, Patan Durbar Square, Thamel
Day 3
11 July
Getting ready for the journey 
Introduction by the guide and organizer.
Equipment checking. Shopping or equipment rental if necessary.
Meditation with Swami Anand Arhat, meeting with Bodhisattwa Swami Anand Arun, trekking in Nagarjun hills around Tapoban.
Day 4
12 July
Departure from Kathmandu. Transfer to Nyalam  (3750 m)
Transfer to Kodari (4-5 hrs), Nepali border village. Nepal — China border cross (2 hrs), transfer to Nyalam (1.5 hrs), small town 30 km away from Nepal border. Night in guesthouse.
Day 5
13 July
Acclimatization day in Nyalam  (3750 m)
Pilgrimage to Milerapa’s cave and temple over the cave. Milarepa was famous buddhist mystic who lived in 12th century. By meditation, fasting and austerities he attained great magical powers. Once he raised the ceiling of his cave with bare hands, his hands prints are still seen there. In buddhist tradition Milarepa is considered to be the only practitioner who attained Buddhahood in single life only. Night in guesthouse.  
Day 6
14 July
Acclimatization day in Nyalam  (3750 m)
Radial trekking around the town. Night in guesthouse.
Day 7
15 July
Transfer to Saga (4600 m)
Transfer from Nyalam to chinese military town Saga (4-5 hrs). On the way we will cross 2 passes more than 5000 m height, we will see peaks Cho Oyu and Shishapangma and lake Peykutso. Night in hotel.
Day 8
16 July
Transfer to Manasarowar Lake (4560 m)
Tranfrom Saga to lake Manasarowar  (8 hrs) («Mapham Yumtso», in tibetan means «Lake bringing victory»), located on the height of  4560 m. Night in guesthouse close to Chiu monastery.
Day 9
17 July
Day in Manasarowar Lake (4560 m)
Visit to Chiu Monastery («small bird») located around the cliff over Manasarowar Lake. Monastery was built over Guru Rinpoche’s cave (Padmasambhava, teacher who brought buddhism to Tibet in 8th century). Guru Rinpoche spent here 3 years in meditation and according to one of the legends attained rainbow body here. Here the statue of Buddha Chomdente is kept. Transfer to Darchen. Night in hotel.
Day 10
18 July
Trekking to Diraphug monastery (22 km, 7 hrs, 5000 m height) which was built by Gotsampa in 13th century. we pass eastern face of Kailash and stay overnight at the North face. Night in guesthouse.
Day 11
19 July
Trekking through the Drolma-La pass, highest point of our journey (5669 m). Distance — 18 km, trekking will take 7-9 hrs. Night in guesthouse close to Zutrulphug Monastery (5000 m). Visit to monastery and to Milarepa’s cave. Night in guest house.
Day 12
20 July
Trekking to Darchen 13 km., 3 hours. Competion of outer Kora. Rest
Day 13
21 July
25 km., 10 — 14 hours
Day 14
22 July
Transfer to Saga  (8 hours)
Day 15
23 July
Transfer to Zhangmu, Nepal border ceoss, transfer to Kathmandu 
Day 16
24 July
Free day
Accomodation in Mandala hotel in closest proximity with ancient Boudhanath Stupa. The Stupa is a place of great significance for seekers from all over the world. This is one of the ancient and big stupas, thousands of pilgrims come here every year. In Bouddhanath region more than 50 monasteries are located.
Day 17
25 July
Farewell to Nepal. Flight to the country of origin

Photo report from our last Kailash kora with Arhat Swami october 2016

Requirements for participation:

The main requirement is the lack of medical contraindications for longer periods of stay in the conditions of high altitude.  For the training program, list of equipment and medicines needed please contact ANANTA manager — Kalyan or Amrita, [email protected]

The list of equipment required you can find here: www.moynepal.com/kailash-equipment/

Special features of this tour comparing to other:

• best accomodation on the route when possible which is very important in the conditions of high altitude;
• personal comfortable bus;
• yaks and porters service in kora — you don’t have to carry anything with you and pay extra money;
• correct acclimatization plan. The main problem for Kailash pilgrims is altitude disease — the highest point of our journey is 5600 m, this is a serious trial even for physically strong people. That is why we have 3 days for acclimatization — two in Nyalam, in 3800 m, before crossing 2 passes of 5000 m height and one in Manasarowar before kora.

IMPORTANT! Your organizing company ANANTA Research of Eastern Practices and Travel Center can change the route according to the physical state of group, weather or other reasons.

12 – 13 people: 2450 USD.
14 – 15 people: 2400 USD.
16 – 17 people: 2350 USD.
18 — 19 people: 2300 USD.
More than 20 people: 2250 USD.

Cost includes:
• Guidance by the Master, Swami Anand Arhat;
• guidance by local english speaking guide;
• accomodation in hotels and guesthouses according to the program;
• food: BB on the route, FB in Osho Tapoban;
• all sightseeing with english speaking guide according to the program;
• all entrace fee according to the program;
• all transfer by personal transport according to the program;
• yak and porter’s service in kora;
• all permits for visiting restricted areas;
• group chinese visa.

Cost doesn’t include:
• international flight to Nepal and back;
• individual transfer if you are coming separately from the main group;
• tourist visa to Nepal (25 USD for 15 days, 40 USD for 30 days, on arrival to Kathmandu. For visa you need 1 color photo 3 to 4 cm, passport should be valid at least for 6 months after the date of arrrival);
•  insurance;
•  Kailash Kora can be made by horse. Horse can be hired on arrival to Darchen, cost is 250 USD approx. for 3 days of Kora;
•  hot springs (80 yuan), drinking water (1 USD for 1,5 l), oxygen  (4 USDper piece);
•  tips;
• all personal expences;
• all other expences not mentioned in the program.

IMPORTANT! There were cases that China unexpectedly closed border or closed Kailash Kora for tourists. In this case all participants should be ready forprogram changes. It is advisable to buy flight with flexible dates.

The company is not responsible for route changes due to natural causes (earthquakes, flods etc) or to political/administrative causes (strikes etc).

See you in Nepal!

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